torstai 12. joulukuuta 2019

"Sound Cleaner" in Ars Nova Art Museum, Turku, 15.11. 2019 - 22.3. 2020

the interactive cleaning trolley "Sound Cleaner" in Turku Artists' Associations 95th Anniversary Exhibition in Ars Nova museum, Turku. In cooperation with Lisa Roberts and Laura Naukkarinen. About the work (text by Lisa): "the Sound Cleaner reveals the hidden elements of the gallery. Instead of hiding the cleaning trolley from view we showcase it. By using the mop we become the cleaner. By listening to the thoughts and dreams of someone else we access another private world. the Sound Cleaner makes the invisible visible and silent heard."


sunnuntai 28. lokakuuta 2018

MOPPA! Performance 26.9. in Union of Finnish Art Associations' biennale in Joensuu

When you take a mop in your hand you become invisible. You can move around without anybody noticing. I wanted to do some cleaning wrong time and some wrong places "Excuse me, I'm sorry, Excuse me, I'm sorry, could you move a bit please...?". It succeeded even better than I expected! Afterwards people told me that they had been a bit annoyed to see that the cleaning personnel of the museum didn't understand that it was unsuitable to clean when a curator holds a speech...

People started to realize that I am not a very serious cleaner when I started to blow soap bubbles and dust places with a glitter-powder.

Then I asked people to write down on cleaning wipes a thought or two that they wanted to get rid of. I promised not to read them and throw away all the bad thoughts.

The thoughts were attached to my cleaning trolley. In the end, the trolley was full with wipes with thoughts!
Photos: Raino-Lars Albert

maanantai 9. huhtikuuta 2018

4th and 5th Long Exposure Squares

This one would soon be overgrown. Roosevelt Island, Washington DC, June 2017

And this one will soon to be exposed to more snow. Kolari, Finnish Lapland...

lauantai 28. toukokuuta 2016

Gathering thoughts at St. Luke's Community Center, London

Lunchtime at St. Luke's Community Center 25th May. What kind of thoughts are lying around here, what thoughts are caught in my mop? I'll go and ask people...
What are you thinking about right now?

Answers were for instance: ironing, starting knitting again after 30 years, about a very warm-hearted person, "about myself", seeing grandchildren, tasty soup, vacation somewhere warm.

tiistai 12. huhtikuuta 2016

3rd Long Exposure square

Found an interesting place with nice moss...

 au travail!

Square is ready, exposure starting on 11th April. View from the corridor of Arken Library.